02 jours 01 nuitée
type d'excursion
excursion d'aventure
Taille du Groupe
10 personnes
Tour Guide
1 personne

Itinéraire de deux jours à Djibouti

découvrir le joyau caché de Djibouti offre d'Itinéraire spéciale pour la saison du requin-baleine

Durée 02 jours 01 nuitée

Pays : Djibouti

Availability: Only from 15le Nov to end 30le Jan


Cette tarification est repartie par personne

  • 1 person: $ 645
  • 2 people travelling together: $425 per person
  • 3 up 10 people travelling together: $ 305 per person

l'acompte requit est de 10% du prix total de l'excursion


Ce qui est inclut dans le prix

  • Hébergement
  • Repas ( déjeuné du 2ième jour)
  • Grounds & sea transport
  • guide anglophone
  • permis de voyage
  • Lettres d'autorisation pour les visites et les sites
  • Frais d'entrée sur le site
  • impot


Ce qui n'est pas inclut dans le prix

  • Frais de visas
  • Déjeuner et diner
  • PCR-test
  • Billets d'avion
  • Assurance de voyage
  • Autres dépenses personnelles


As soon as you land in Djibouti city, our team will be there to pick you up and take you to your hotel. Relax for a while and get ready for a city tour of Djibouti if time permits according to your arrival time. Visit the bustling markets, taste the local delicacies, and witness the vibrant culture of the city. In the evening, head back to your hotel and rest for the night at DJIB CITY HOUSE hotel or similar.
Morning schedule: Pick-up at the hotel and head to join Arta beach from there board on a speedboat (25 minutes of navigation) to reach the RAS-CORALLI. Over there snorkeling and witness the vibrant coral reefs teeming with colorful fish at ARTA beach. After that we will resume sailing along the coast of RAS CORALLI to the pass of the bay of GHOUBET EL KHARAB in search of the whale shark the gentle giant of marine creatures and at each time when we will find it feeding itself on plankton, we're going to throw out to dock and swim with this marvelous navy creature. Around noon of the day, sail with the speedboat to join back ARTA beach where you get shower to rinse off the sea salt, take lunch break. Afternoon Schedule: After lunch, head to join LAKE ASSAL, on the way going, picture stop at DIMBIYA the Djibouti Grand Canyon and to listen the explanation of the tour guide. Continue to drive to reach the panoramic viewpoint over the bay of GHOUBET EL KHARAB. Make a photo stop and listen to the guide's explanation of the bay and the Devil's Islands that are in the middle of the bay. Once at the lake, walk on the salt ice, in the lowest point of Africa and try the fun experience of floating on one of the saltiest lake in the world. On the way going out from the lake Assal, take a quick stop on FISH SPA the hot spring located in the entrance of the lake where we are going to have fun having little larvae do the pedicure of our feet. For my part I am very ticklish and I cannot stand the contact of these fish on my feet. After that, drive to join the GHOUBET EL KHARAB bay beach and the volcano’s craters & frozen lava landscape. Witness the separation of African and Arabian tectonic plates and explore frozen lava tunnels. Climb the ARDOUKOBA volcano crater for breathtaking views of the salt flats and the captivating Ghoubet El Kharab, also known as the “abyss of the demon” and cherished by Jacques Cousteau.At the end of drive back to join Djibouti the capital city. Drop off at the hotel / or airport transfer.
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