We are one of the leading   tourist agency operating in the supply of land and sea tourist excursions.

Our specialty is hiking with nomads and camel salt caravan trekking.

Whether in a group, as a family, on a budgetary basis, our services in the organization of your tourist stay include:

-Assistance in the process of obtaining a visa
-Catering and

We rent 4*4 cars  like Toyota land cruiser, Toyota  HARDTOP and minibus.

Massigo Travel is your trusted companion. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, Massigo Travel offers tailor-made itineraries that ensure a seamless and unforgettable journey. From arranging transportation to providing knowledgeable guides, Massigo Travel takes care of every detail, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of Djibouti’s tourist attractions.

To fully experience the wonders of Djibouti, Massigo Travel is your trusted partner. With our expert knowledge and passion for showcasing the best of Djibouti, they will curate an immersive itinerary that allows you to explore the hidden treasures of Djibouti while ensuring your safety and comfort. Whether you desire thrilling outdoor adventures, cultural encounters, or serene moments in nature, Massigo Travel will create an unforgettable journey tailored to your preferences

Our difference compared to other operators is that our company is managed by people with years of experience in tourism (whether as a guide, guide or camp manager) which is our added value. We are all operators with an ingrained professionalism.

Who are we?

We are Mr MOUSSA & ADAN two people brought together by the common passions which are the love of travel and entrepreneurship and self-employment.

The manager and owner of this agency is Mr BALLAH MOHAMED better known under the nickname of MOUSSA.

Born in RANDA in the northwest of Djibouti, in a family of semi-sedentary and semi-nomadic Afar pastor, I experienced a childhood spent between urban life and country life which allowed me as soon as I was young to acquire knowledge of tradition, habits and customs and the modernity of city life.

During my childhood, I was a schoolboy in the cool season and mountainous during the summer holidays.

Today, I am a fine scholar of all corners of my country in particular, of border countries also like Somaliland, Ethiopia and Yemen in general. Lover of travel, passionate about culture, I know very well the traditions, habits and customs of Afar, Somali, Yemeni and Ethiopian that I will gladly share with you. I speak all the local language like Afar, Somali, Arab & Amharic.

I like reading, debating and fond of geopolitics. I am a fairly open-minded person as I say the world is country & Djibouti a town of it.

I like to learn to teach myself tolerance and patience, so thoroughly on personal development through human diversity.

Perfectly trilingual (English, French, Arab), Mr MOUSSA has been working as a certified tourist guide since 2014 out of passion and love of travel and culture.

In 2019, Mr MOUSSA created the association of tourist guides of Djibouti, he was the initiator, and he is still the president of this structure whose statutory objective is to work for the promotion of tourism in Djibouti by strengthening professionalism of guides.

The logistics manager of massigo travel is Mr MOHAMED AHMED better known by the nickname of ADAN.  


Born in the village of DAY in the northwest in the region of Tadjourah, 17 km from the village of RANDA and 42 km from the city of TADJOURAH. I grew up on the edge of the national park that is the Foret du Day so needless to say that from my young age I was brought to rub shoulders with tourists visiting the National Park. Yes, like my parents, I grew up in a half-nomadic way of life, half-pastor at the same time shepherds, nomads and schoolchildren. Today it is with pride that I call myself a specialist in hiking and the salt caravan.

Since 2010, guide and owner of a tourist camp, the only one around the national park that is the Foret of Day, I have a solid experience in organizing tourist excursions. I am a lover of culture, history, travel and my motivation is the pleasure of being able to meet travelers and through them their culture. I am French speaking and I speak Afar, Somali and a little Amharic (Ethiopian language).


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