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Explore Top Attractions in Djibouti

Experience the natural wonders of Djibouti, from the otherworldly landscapes of Lake Abhe and Lake Assal to the vibrant marine life of Maskali and Mousha islands. Discover a hidden gem in the Horn of Africa and immerse yourself in breathtaking beauty.

Djibouti the capital city

The vibrant capital of Djibouti. Situated on the Gulf of Tadjourah, this bustling city offers a blend of historical landmarks, cultural experiences, and modern amenities

Lake Assal

A natural wonder and one of Djibouti’s most captivating attractions. Situated in the heart of the Afar Depression, this unique salt lake offers a mesmerizing landscape and a truly unforgettable experience

Lac Abbé

Lake Abhe

Welcome to Djibouti’s hidden gem, Lake Abhe. Nestled in a remote corner of Djibouti, this mesmerizing lake offers a truly unique and enchanting experience

Mousha Island

Welcome to Mousha Island, a captivating destination located off the coast of Djibouti. This picturesque island is known for its stunning marine life, pristine beaches, and breathtaking landscapes.

Sable Blanc

or White Sand Beach in English is 10 min from the historical city of Tadjourah. Set between a steep cliff adorned with huge black rocks where the damons shelter and a majestic sea

GODA mountains

Nestled in the heart of Djibouti, the GODA Mountains, encompassing Day, Dithilou, and Bankoualeh, stand as magnificent natural wonders that beckon adventurous souls.


A natural site with an extraordinary landscape! Vast expanses of salt, the landscape is very different from Lake Assal


It is a prehistoric rock engraving site, very little trodden. It delivers over nearly 3 km of rock engravings a variety of themes

OBOCK region’s gems

considered the most beautiful mangrove in Djibouti. This labyrinth of canals and mangrove roots is a teeming oasis where dozens of animal and plant species live together

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