Exploring Djibouti: Unforgettable Experience at Lake Assal Welcome to Lake Assal, a natural wonder and one of Djibouti’s most captivating attractions. Situated in the heart of the Afar Depression, this unique salt lake offers a mesmerizing landscape and a truly unforgettable experience. Let’s delve into the beauty and charm of Lake Assal. The Lowest Point in Africa Lake Assal holds the distinction of being the lowest point in Africa, sitting at 155 meters below sea level. Its vast expanse of salt crystals creates a surreal, otherworldly atmosphere. Marvel at the Salt Flats One of the main highlights of Lake Assal is its expansive salt flats. The glistening white salt formations stretch as far as the eye can see, creating a stunning visual spectacle. Take a leisurely walk across the salt flats and immerse yourself in this unique natural wonder. Swim in the Hypersaline Waters Lake Assal is known for its hypersaline waters, which have a salt concentration higher than that of the Dead Sea. The buoyancy of the water makes swimming a unique experience as you effortlessly float on the surface. Take a dip in the therapeutic waters and feel rejuvenated. Enjoy the Surrounding Beauty While at Lake Assal, take a moment to appreciate the stunning natural surroundings. The rugged mountains, volcanic formations, and the contrasting blue of the sky against the white salt flats create a picturesque landscape. Capture memorable photographs and create lasting memories. Lake Assal is a true natural wonder, offering visitors an once-in-a-lifetime experience. From its status as the lowest point in Africa to its mesmerizing salt flats and the unique geological features, this destination is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Witness the SALT CARAVANA Relive the adventure with the oldest salt trade route while walking alongside the dromedaries loaded with “white gold” is a must do : a hike, a trekking with camels along the millenary nomadic trail in a setting sublime all along the rift. This long processionary walk will certainly fill you; it fill you with incredible sensations. A test of humility and humanism of a route during which you will have the chance to perpetuate the ancestral traditios of the salt route. GHOUBET EL KHARAB i.e. “abyss of the demon”: At the extreme tip of the Gulf of Tadjourah, the Ghoubet Al Kharab (which means in Arabic language ““abyss of the demon””) is a magnificent and disturbing cove dominated by Devil’s Island, an impressive dome that sprang up in the middle of the bay during tectonic movement related to the formation of the Rift Assal. Accessible by the road which dominates it or by boat, the site is of an exceptional beauty. Not far from Ghoubet, there is a frozen lava’s landscape which is a hallucinating spectacle that gives these lands an aspect “out of time” of all beauty. Walking on the frozen lava and the lava tunnel is unique sensation to try once in life.The curiosity meets an even rarer geological curiosity: the famous open-air fault that gradually separates two parts of the World. It is one of two plates in the world where we can observe outside a fault between two tectonic plates (African and Arabian). At the same areas there is ARDOUKOBA the crater of the lastest volcano which exploded on November 1978. Climb the Ardoukoba volcano crater for breathtaking views of the salt flats and the captivating Ghoubet El Kharab, also known as the “abyss of the demon” and cherished by Jacques Cousteau. No far from it, take an stop on the Djibouti grand canyon called DIMBIYA which is also the starting of the great rift in African and leads to South Afrika going throughout 08 countries. Witness the Rift Valley: DIMBYA is also the starting point of the Great Rift Valley, a geological phenomenon that stretches across East Africa. Stand at the shores of the lake and marvel at the dramatic landscape where the African and Arabian tectonic plates separate. It’s a truly remarkable sight to behold.
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