OBOCK region’s gems The keystone of the RED SEA The Obock region has significant tourism endowment: the islands of the 07 brothers and several mangrove, including the forest of GODORIA, KHOR ANGAR and Ras Siyan which are habitats for many terrestrial and marine animals representing a significant biodiversity. They are also the meeting place for a large number of birds (green heron of the RED SEA, pelican waterfowl). The city of OBOCK, capital of the region, can be reached by sea (03 hours by ferry, 1hour 40 minutes by speedboat) and by overland 240 km from the capital city. It houses the first residence of the first Governor of the Territory, Mr Léonce Lagarde, and current home of the prefect of the Obock region. This city also evokes the travel stories of adventures of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, internationally renowned smugglers, the house of Monfreid and its marine cemetery full of history. THE LIGHTHOUSE OF RAS-BIR Ras-Bir is a cape of the Gulf of Tadjourah on the territory of Djibouti, located a few kilometers northeast of the town of Obock at the entrance of the RED SEA. There is a lighthouse 60 meters high, the highest in East Africa and Fourth in the continent. It indicates the southern entrance to the RED SEA and the eastern end of the Gulf of Tadjourah. THE MARINE CEMETERY: On this marine cemetery steeped in history, rest the bodies of French soldiers who died of an unknown fever and after their boat stranded on the  Obock coast during their trip to Indochina at the end of the 19th century. THE GODORIA MANGROVES: the city of Obock is the starting point for excursions to the mangroves of Godoria and Khor Anghar in a small motor boat  or by land over bumpy road toward Ras-Bir lighthouse and the exceptional volcanic site of Ras Siyan In the hinterland, the Mablas, a green massif with a temperate climate is located the second forest of the country THE SEVEN BROTHERS ARCHIPELAGO: No description can account for the abundance of colors available to eyes The seabed of the seven Brothers archipelago makes it a collection for unique habitats In this heavenly world, a multitude of corol’s species, fish and other marine species do evolve The archipelago of seven brothers is considered by divers around the world as one of the reference sites sites to discover absolutely  
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